Wilderness Apps for Android & iOS

Apps for Adventurers According to Statista there are 3.3 billion worldwide smartphone users in 2019, with expected growth to 3.8 billion by 2021. Chances are you are part of this statistic, even if you’re an avid outdoorsman (or woman). With such a high likelihood that your smartphone accompanies you on

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Best Time to Visit Glacier National Park

Although Glacier Park is open year-round, certain facilities in the park may be closed due to seasonal weather conditions, primarily snowfall. That doesn’t mean winters are boring, in fact, the snow-covered landscapes are stunning and there’s still plenty to do. Deciding on the best time to visit Glacier Park depends

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Glacier National Park Bears

Bears are common among wildlife species in Glacier National Park, specifically, Black bears and Grizzly bears. Many visitors have mixed feelings about bears, they are fascinating and exciting animals that most people want to see while vacationing in Glacier – on the other hand – there is some apprehension around

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Glacier Park Questions

1. When does the park open and close? The park is open all year round although winter weather dictates when certain facilities will be operational, it’s best to call if you’re visiting from October through the middle of June Glacier National Park, Phone: +1 406-888-7800 2. How much does it

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Glacier National Park Recreational Visits (1910-2020)

Of the 60 National Parks in the United States, Glacier National Park ranks an impressive 10th place for recreational visits. This number has more meaning than most people realize, it is high enough in the rankings to indicate strong popularity, especially among hikers, but not so high that visitors will

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